When you book with , we ensure that you have found the best price offered.

We use the Price Match Promise to ensure this. Under this, if you find an all-inclusive price lower than our given price with all the specifics as indicated in our booking (same itinerary) on a Major OTA within 24-hours of booking, we will match the price and refund the difference.

What do we mean by 'same itinerary' mean?

'Same itinerary' means that every aspect of the booking is the same. It comprises the airline, flight number, date, number of passengers, and seat type.

Why should bookings under PMP be 'offered and available'?

You must guarantee that the itinerary you locate that beats our prices is active on a competitor's website and available for booking at the time of contact, as assessed by our customer service representatives.

How can you notify us that you want to invoke PMP?

If you wish to use PMP, please contact us at sales@ provide us with your booking reference number as well as all the specifics of the lower cost itinerary, such as the airline, aircraft, itinerary, date, number of clients, and seat type. Additionally, share the URL/screenshot to allow our customer support representatives to verify the itinerary steps. Based on the information you provide, the customer support representative should be able to discover the lower fare. We have the right to dismiss claims if they are not validated or if you fail to give comprehensive information. Following verification, you will be given the option of keeping your itinerary or receiving a refund for the difference.

Is there an exception applicable to PMP?

Military, student, government, tour operator, bulk, and vacation package are all excluded. This also means that fare mistakes are not permitted.